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Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship: Industry Commitment, Collaborative Projects, and Innovation

September 26, 2023/By: Bluewater Association for Safety, Environment, and Sustainability

BASES and its industry members are dedicated to reducing emissions and championing a low-carbon future, contributing to the advancement of regional sustainability and environmental protection. Our commitment extends to forging a sustainable future and crafting solutions to safeguard the welfare of our workforce, community, and environment, thereby shaping the trajectory of the local industry. 

Involvement in Sarnia Area Environmental Health Project: BASES, alongside its industry members, have been actively involved in the Sarnia Area Environmental Health Project since its inception in 2017 and support the science-based approach that has been taken throughout the study. Collaboratively, we’ve been working in partnership with the Ministry of Environment, Conservation, and Parks (MECP) to support this project, with keen interest in the release of insights gleaned from the many years of dedicated work. It’s noteworthy that Jason Vaillant, BASES General Manager, serves as a co-chair on the Advisory Panel for this project. 

Investments in Emission Reduction and Low Carbon Initiatives: Over the past five years, our industry members have directed significant local investments, totaling millions of dollars, towards emission reduction initiatives and low-carbon projects. Looking ahead, these investments are planned to increase substantially over the next five years, reinforcing the commitment to a more sustainable future.  At BASES, we continue to make upgrades to our network and replace aging equipment to ensure that we are using the latest technology in air monitoring. 

Technological Advancements for a Healthier Region: Through the adoption of innovative technologies and the implementation of sustainable practices such as improved LDAR (Leak Detection and Repair), flare reduction programs, removal of RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers), carbon capture, and waste heat electricity cogeneration, we’re embarking on bold steps locally to create a region that’s cleaner and healthier, ensuring a better quality of life for future generations. 

Continued Collaboration for Climate Action: BASES, in conjunction with its members, will continue to collaborate with local environmental organizations, First Nations, government bodies, and community groups. This underscores the unwavering dedication to collaborative endeavors aimed at combatting climate change. Together, we’re actively constructing a Sarnia-Lambton that is not only cleaner but also brighter, with a more sustainable future in mind. 

Public Access to Ambient Air Quality: In collaboration with MECP, our local industry association provides air quality data that is available to the community through the Clean Air Sarnia & Area website.  BASES works with MECP as well as Aamjiwnaang First Nation on the operation of a network of air monitors throughout the region. Data from the local air monitoring network indicates that significant improvements have been made in local air emissions over the past three decades.