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BASES Safety Partnership Worker Recognition Program

Worker Recognition Nomination Form

Click below to nominate an individual who takes an active role supporting and continuously improving worker safety in the Sarnia-Lambton region.


How to Nominate a Worker

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Program Guidelines

Program Objectives:

The BASES Safety Partnership Worker Recognition Program is designed to help local employers, supervisors, and workers recognize workers who take an active role supporting and continuously improving worker safety in the Sarnia-Lambton region. BASES will actively share recognitions through the BASES newsletter, training courses, and other initiatives to foster trust between industry and the community, promote a culture of continuous improvement, and support a vibrant, prosperous region. 

Public recognition will help to magnify the impact. By sharing praise with a wider audience, it will help everyone learn about the work being done across the Safety Partnership, facilitating collaboration and highlighting solutions that might otherwise go unnoticed. It also gives other colleagues the opportunity to join in the recognition, so visible recognition can provide examples of commendable behavior, actions, and contributions that others can replicate. 

The Safety Partnership Worker Recognition Awards Committee will review submissions annually to select top-performing nominees to award those who have demonstrated these commendable behaviors. Top performers will be recognized at the annual BASES Health & Safety Forum. 

Program Guidelines: 

Eligibility Criteria: 

  • All full-time, part-time, and contracted workers who are employed within the Safety Partnership tripartite (consisting of local contracting companies, trade unions, and industrial organizations), are eligible for participation in the BASES Safety Partnership Worker Recognition Program. 

 Nomination Process: 

  • Nominations can be submitted by any employee, supervisor, or manager within the Safety Partnership who witnesses exemplary safety behavior.  
  • Nominations should highlight specific instances of safe practices, proactive safety measures, and contributions to safety improvement.  
  • Where possible, a photo of the worker being recognized should be submitted with the nomination form.  
  • Nominations can be submitted through an online Worker Recognition Form

 Award Categories: 

  • Safety Innovation: Recognize workers that have come up with innovative safety solutions, such as new safety protocols, tools, or equipment that enhance workplace safety. 
  • Safety Leadership & Mentoring: Recognize workers who consistently prioritize and promote safety within their respective teams or departments. 
  • Safety Compliance: Recognize workers for maintaining compliance with safety regulations and company policies. 
  • Safety Intervention & Prevention: Acknowledge workers who have identified and reported potential hazards in the workplace, contributing to proactive safety measures. 

 Awards Committee: 

  • On an annual basis, a Safety Partnership Worker Recognition Awards Committee will be developed, consisting of at least: 
  • Two contractor representatives; 
  • Two owner/operator (plants) representatives; 
  • Two trades union representatives; and 
  • Two BASES representatives. 
  • On a yearly basis, the Awards Committee will review nominations and select recipients for each award category.  
  • The Awards Committee’s decisions will be based on the demonstration of consistent commitment to safety, innovative safety solutions, and the nominee’s overall safety record.  
  • A new Awards Committee will be established each calendar year. 

 Frequency of Safety Recognition: 

  • One worker per category will be recognized annually at the BASES Health & Safety Forum.  

 Communication of Safety Recognition: 

  • Award recipients will be informed of their safety recognition via email. 
  • A tripartite-wide announcement will be made to celebrate the achievements of the recognized workers through email and BASES’ social media platforms. 
  • Recognized workers may also be featured in Safety Partnership courses, bi-monthly BASES newsletter, and digital platforms, among other communication mediums.  

 Rewards and Prizes: 

  • Each recognized employee will receive: 
  • A prominent safety-themed trophy 
  • A personalized safety recognition certificate 

 Review and Feedback: 

  • The Recognition Program will be periodically reviewed to ensure its alignment with safety goals and organizational objectives. 
  • Workers are encouraged to provide feedback on safety practices and suggest improvements to enhance the program’s effectiveness. 

 Note: The above guidelines are subject to change based on organizational needs and feedback. The main objective of this program is to emphasize the importance of safety and to celebrate employees who actively contribute to maintaining a safe work environment.