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Community Awareness Notification

INEOS Community Notification

May 29, 2024, 12:49 pm

Incident Details: INEOS Styrolution would like to notify the public and its industrial neighbors that we have become aware of some elevated Benzene readings occurring at the off-site community monitor south of our facility this morning. We would like to reassure everyone in the surrounding areas that our onsite monitors during this time did not detect these levels of benzene nor were the benzene readings above 0.021 parts-per-million. Further, the site is not currently operating process equipment or tanks and there are no benzene emission-producing maintenance activities occurring at the site. We will continue to investigate potential sources of benzene emissions and would like to also note that INEOS Styrolution is not the only source of benzene in the area.

Primary Contact Name: Operations Manager

Primary Contact Information: 226-784-3040